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Public Housing Forum In East Geelong

Richard Wynne met with public housing tenants in East Geelong on August 21st to hear their concerns about the Baillieu Government's public housing review.

Baillieu Must Rule Out Public Housing Fire Sale

The Baillieu Government must rule out raising rents, selling stock or cutting funding from Victoria’s public housing following the release of the Auditor-General’s report into public housing.

Another Lucky Lovell Friday Special

Housing Minister Wendy Lovell has again released the public housing waiting list data late on a Friday afternoon in a sneaky attempt to avoid scrutiny.

Powell Gets It Wrong Nearly 17 Million Times

Local Government Minister Jeanette Powell has been caught out misleading Victorians, by claiming councils would receive a far lower increase in Commonwealth funding than was actually the case.

Baillieu Feels The Heat On Libraries

The Baillieu Government is feeling the pressure to reverse its decision to dramatically cut funding from public libraries as the community steps up its campaign.