Reach Foundation

I recently met with Sarah Davies, CEO of the Reach Foundation, based in my electorate in Wellington Street, Collingwood. As I am sure many members of the house will know, Reach is an organisation dedicated to ensuring that young people are capable of meeting life’s..

Vale Nelson Mandela

I rise to make a contribution on the death of a man the likes of whom we are unlikely to see again in our lifetime. The weekend’s newspapers were a poignant reminder to us that a truly great international leader has slipped from this life…

Collingwood Children’s Farm

On the weekend I attended Collingwood Children’s Farm with the member for Prahran, where a truce was in order for the morning. We were joined by the wife of the Governor, Mrs Chernov, and representatives of the Good Shepherd Sisters, along with representatives from the..

Public transport

I rise to respond and grieve for the state of public transport in Victoria under the leadership of the Minister for Public Transport. The minister spent pretty much his entire contribution to the debate seeking to bag and drag down the propositions put forward by..


I rise to make a contribution to debate on the Disability Amendment Bill 2013 debate. In doing so I indicate that we support the reasoned amendment proposed by my colleague, and we do that for a number of reasons. We believe the minister at the..


I rise to make a contribution in relation to the Crimes Amendment (Investigation Powers) Bill 2013. In doing so I indicate that the opposition does not oppose the bill. Sometimes in this game you wake up in the morning and you are not quite sure..


I rise to make a contribution to the debate on the Transport Accident Amendment Bill 2013 and to join with my colleagues in our unambiguous opposition to this bill. In doing so, I direct the attention of the house to comments made by the Assistant..

Richmond Asian Business Association

I was delighted to join the Richmond Asian Business Association (RABA), led by Mr Vinnie Lee and Mr Meca Ho, last Sunday at the old Fitzroy town hall for a fundraising dinner in support of the Victoria Street gateway arch project. This project was designed..


I rise to make a contribution on the Local Government (Rural City of Wangaratta) Bill 2013. I commence by indicating to the house that I asked the Minister for Local Government, both formally and informally, to bring this bill on for debate. I had some..


I rise to make a contribution in relation to the planning scheme amendments, which will come before the house in two tranches. The first tranche relates to Frankston planning scheme amendment C93 and Greater Dandenong planning scheme amendment C174, which are the subject of my..

Sacred Heart School, Fitzroy

I was delighted to join the staff and students of Sacred Heart School in my electorate last Friday for a whole-of-school performance of a circus act. The theme of this production was ‘working together’, and may I say this encapsulates the ethos of this wonderful..

East-west link

To the Legislative Assembly of Victoria: The petition of certain citizens for the state of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Assembly recent news regarding the Napthine Liberal government’s intention to build an $8 billion tunnel. In particular we note that: 1. the..

Doncaster rail link

To the Legislative Assembly of Victoria: This petition of Victorian residents implores the Legislative Assembly of Victoria to abandon plans for a costly and unsustainable east-west toll road and tunnel in favour of funding urgently needed public transport priorities including the Doncaster rail link. By..


I rise to make a contribution on behalf of the opposition in relation to the Plant Biosecurity Amendment Bill 2013. I indicate from the outset that Labor does not oppose the bill but that I will seek to raise a number of matters and that..

Congratulations to Circus Oz

Congratulations to Circus Oz, which is now playing a season at Birrarung Marr in a show called Cranked Up, which I had the pleasure of attending last Thursday night. This is a shameless plug: the show is playing until 14 July, and I recommend it..