Mr WYNNE (Richmond) — I rise as the lead speaker for the opposition on the Aboriginal Lands Amendment Bill 2013, which as we know amends the Aboriginal Lands Act 1970. I will start by thanking the minister and the officers from Aboriginal Affairs Victoria and..

Adoption Amendment Bill 2013

Mr WYNNE (Richmond) — I rise to make a contribution to the debate on the Adoption Amendment Bill 2013. In doing so, I follow the really fine contributions made by my colleagues. They include the member for Yan Yean, who has had carriage of this..

Jessalyn Leong

16 April 2013 ASSEMBLY Jessalyn Leong Mr WYNNE (Richmond) — Two weeks ago I spoke at the funeral of Jessalyn Leong, a 14-year-old school girl who was killed by an out-of-control truck on Church Street, Richmond. She had been walking home on a footpath from..

Vale Juri Ots

6 March 2013 ASSEMBLY Juri Ots Mr WYNNE (Richmond) — I rise to acknowledge the sudden and sad passing of a dear friend and comrade Juri Ots. I have known Juri for more than 20 years. He was a proud and committed member of the..

Australia Day: City of Yarra

I rise to acknowledge Mere Paora Epere, who was announced as the city of Yarra’s Citizen of the Year on Australia Day. Mere is a resident of the Collingwood housing estate. I consider it an honour to not only represent Mere in this Parliament but..

Marngrook Footy Show

I rise to express my grave concerns about the decision of ABC management to cancel the popular Marngrook Footy Show that is broadcast on ABC2. The Marngrook Footy Show is incredibly popular in this state and nationally and makes a significant contribution to the recognition..

Geoffrey Warren, Clifton Hill Primary School Principal

I wish to acknowledge the achievement of Mr Geoffrey Warren, the Principal of Clifton Hill Primary School, Gold Street, in becoming a finalist in the National Disability Awards. Mr Warren has been tireless in promoting positive attitudes towards disability during his time as Principal. Mr..

Public Services: Funding Cuts

Richard Wynne speaks out in Parliament against the Baillieu Government's cuts to public services, TAFES, the Office of Housing, and the Social Housing Advocacy and Support Program.