Another Lucky Lovell Friday Special

Housing Minister Wendy Lovell has again released the public housing waiting list data late on a Friday afternoon in a sneaky attempt to avoid scrutiny, Shadow Minister for Housing Richard Wynne said.

“Since taking over the housing portfolio, Ms Lovell has released all four of the quarterly waiting list reports for 2011 late on a Friday afternoon,” Mr Wynne said.

“Her cynical attempt to avoid public scrutiny will not be lost on the 38,566 people languishing on the Victorian Public housing waiting.

“The fact is Ms Lovell has achieved nothing in her first year managing Victoria’s public and social housing.

“Ms Lovell, who failed to release the data along with her statement, is trying to spin her way out of the issues that are arising from the Baillieu Government’s complete lack of investment in public and social housing.

“How can Ms Lovell lay claim that the public housing waiting list has shortened by any effort by the Baillieu Government?

“The fact is almost all of the public housing building program in Victoria is a result of the Gillard Government’s stimulus package, which should deliver 6500 units of public and social housing by June this year.”

Ms Lovell’s failure to support public housing tenants in Victoria include:

  • Taking money form the pockets of 38,000 pensioners for a public housing rent increase announced this week.
  • The release of a homelessness ‘plan’ that failed to set out any plans for assisting young people experiencing homelessness, women and children escaping domestic violence, or people currently living in crisis accommodation;
  • The failure to provide any new funding for building or acquiring public and social housing in the 2011 State Budget; and
  • Providing the lowest targets for upgrading public housing and assisting families at risk of homelessness.

“Ms Lovell needs to stop hiding from public scrutiny and start making decision that will benefit the thousands of people who are waiting for public and social housing in Victoria,” he said.

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