Nearly 750 people in Shepparton and throughout the Hume Region are now desperately waiting for housing on the ‘Early Housing’ waiting list, Shadow Housing Minister Richard Wynne said today.

Mr Wynne said that while the total number of Victorians waiting for housing is hovering around 37,000, there was an increase of 35 people in Shepparton alone to the Early Housing waiting list.

People waiting on the Early Housing waiting list are those who are already homeless or have the greatest need for urgent housing, such as those living with a disability or fleeing a violent situation.

Mr Wynne said the Napthine Government’s failure to invest in the construction of public housing was having an affect on the state’s most vulnerable in regional areas, including the Housing Minister’s own electorate in Shepparton.

“Housing Minister Wendy Lovell has failed to invest in new public housing for two years, which was always going have an impact on those who need it most,” Mr Wynne said.

“If Ms Lovell had focussed on improving public housing in Victoria, rather than trying to ban elected officials from visiting public housing tenants, more people wouldn’t be languishing on waiting lists.”

 Mr Wynne said Ms Lovell’s failure to support public housing was stacking up against her. She had:

  • Provided no new funding for building new housing since coming to office in 2010;
  • Failed to rule out selling off public housing;
  • Threatened to increase rents and limit the time people can stay in public housing; and
  • Cut frontline staff that supports the most vulnerable people in our community.

“This is Ms Lovell’s last chance in this term of government to secure a significant investment into public and social housing that will make a difference in the lives of our most vulnerable residents,” Mr Wynne said.

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