Lucky Lovell Can’t Hide Housing Data At Easter

The Housing Minister, Wendy Lovell, should release overdue Victorian Public Housing Waiting list data immediately, rather than trying to sneak it out tomorrow afternoon, Shadow Minister for Housing Richard Wynne said today.

The data, which details how many people are waiting for public housing during January to March 2012, has been sitting in Ms Lovell’s office since last week.

“Ms Lovell has a terrible track record of dumping out the waiting list data late on a Friday afternoon to avoid scrutiny,” Mr Wynne said.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Ms Lovell quietly drops the data out late tomorrow, just before the Easter long weekend, in a poor attempt to hide the list.

“What Ms Lovell needs to understand is the management of Victoria’s public housing system is too important to play games with.

“Given the Baillieu Government’s failure to invest in new housing stock and concerns that it may sell off public housing to the private sector, it is important these waiting list figures aren’t hidden from the community.

“While the Federal Labor Government’s record investment in public and social housing is continuing to bring new housing into the market, Ms Lovell can’t use this investment as an excuse to do nothing.

“This lack of support from the Baillieu Government will only cause the waiting list to balloon, once the 6000 federally funded properties are completed in June this year.”

Ms Lovell’s failure to support public housing tenants in Victoria includes:

  • Foreshadowing selling off public housing;
  • Releasing a homelessness ‘plan’ that failed to set out any plans for assisting young people experiencing homelessness, women and children escaping domestic violence, or people currently living in crisis accommodation;
  • Providing no new funding for building or acquiring public and social housing in the 2011 State Budget; and
  • Providing the lowest targets for upgrading public housing and assisting families at risk of homelessness.

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