Denis Napthine has a plan for public housing: get rid of them.

The Government’s announcement, ‘New Directions for Social Housing’, will drastically reduce the number of properties in the public housing system, locking out even more vulnerable Victorians.

Denis Napthine has already abandoned our hospitals, our aged care system and our children in community care, and public housing is next.

Over 35,000 Victorians are waiting for housing. Many are homeless. Many have young children. Denis Napthine is just making things worse.

Quotes attributable to Mr Wynne:

“Many people on the public housing waiting list have young children – instead of helping them, Denis Napthine is abandoning them.

“If Denis Napthine won’t stand up for the 2273 people in the Bayside and southern suburbs who are languishing on the most urgent housing waiting list, who will he stand up for?”

“Under this so-called ‘New Directions’ announcement, support for vulnerable Victorians will only go in one direction: down.”

Key Facts

  • The ‘New Directions for Social Housing’ announcement is another missed opportunity to build new housing.
  • The announcement suggests that public housing stock will be sold in a future term of the Napthine Government.
  • It outlines an increasingly punitive approach to tenants, introducing harsher penalties and new options for evicting families.
  • It fails to explain how it will assist the 35,000 people desperately waiting for housing.
  • This announcement comes after previous cuts to frontline staff who had supported the most vulnerable people in our community.