Palace Theatre

6 October 2015
Legislative Assembly

Mr Wynne (Minister for Planning) — The Palace Theatre is a very important site in the city. It has hosted many events over the years. It has been, of course, a place of rich cultural heritage, particularly in the live music industry, as we know. It has been subject to review, as the member would be aware, by the City of Melbourne. The Palace Theatre is within a heritage overlay which applies to the Bourke Hill precinct. Indeed it was the now Leader of the Opposition who put in place height controls over a range of sites — —

Mr Guy — Five foot seven!

The SPEAKER — Order! The minister will not engage with the Leader of the Opposition, good interjection as that might have been.

Mr WYNNE — I am not sure where to go with that, Speaker. He can be five foot seven, and I am six foot four, but I do stand on the shoulders of giants, like Evan Walker and others, as a Minister for Planning.

The City of Melbourne is currently progressing the Melbourne planning scheme amendment C241, which seeks to apply permanent heritage controls for the Palace Theatre to recognise its individual significance. This amendment does not propose the application of internal controls because, as the member for Melbourne would be aware, significant works have gone on.

There has been further consideration of the internal controls, but at this stage the City of Melbourne is dealing with the external fabric of the building within the broader height controls that the previous Minister for Planning did in fact put in place.