Teachers: enterprise bargaining

7 March 2013 ASSEMBLY

Teachers: enterprise bargaining

Mr WYNNE (Richmond) — The matter I wish to raise is for the attention of the newly elected Premier, and the action I seek is that he take the opportunity to intervene in the teacher’s pay dispute to ensure that, after two long years of disputation, resolution can be reached to honour the government’s promise that teachers in this state would be the best paid in the country.

I recently received a copy of correspondence, albeit directed to the former Premier from a constituent, which I wish to quote from. It reads as follows:

Dear Premier Ted Baillieu,

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of the teachers at my school, students and my friends.

Hi my name is Allie. I am only 10 years old in grade 5 at Spensley Street Primary Clifton Hill. Please pay the teachers more! I am going to tell you why. All the camps they take us to, all the work they put in to our learning and the excursions most of all the care and happy smiles we are now missing out on. Now it’s not the same because of your decision! It is really bad. So please think about it. All of the kids in Spensley Street Primary School are counting on YOU.

Thank you for your time reading this letter.

I hope you can make a difference.

Please, please write back!


This letter was written from the heart, unsolicited, by a young student.

She sent me a copy of it, and I think that in many ways it summarises the effects of this long-running pay dispute —

Dr Sykes interjected.

The SPEAKER — Order! If the member for Benalla wants to keep that up, he will be out.

Mr WYNNE — between the Australian Education Union, and of course the Catholic schools, and the government. Like any dispute, eventually it will be solved. All these disputes have to be solved, but for me this poignant letter from a 10-year-old child at Spensley Street Primary School summarises the profound effect that this dispute is having on the educational opportunities for young people in this state. I put it to our new Premier that this is an opportunity for a fresh start.

It is an opportunity for him to take action and directly intervene in this matter to get this long-running dispute solved in the interest of students in this state.