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We have an amazing community here in Richmond, one of the most vibrant and diverse areas in Victoria. This electorate has been the stepping off point for many successive waves of migrant communities who have made the area their home, and have contributed to the rich culture we all enjoy.

Join with us to protect what is great about our wonderful community and fight to protect services, schools and hospitals from the Turnbull Government’s cuts. Work with your neighbours to support the work of the Andrews Labor Government, and have your say on the issues you think are important.

The Community Action Network is the grassroots organising movement of Victorian Labor. It is how thousands of Victorians – Labor members and supporters – are speaking up for what they believe in. If you are concerned about local, state or federal issues and want to make a difference, join us! There are plenty of ways to help out; you can knock on doors, make phone calls, help at a mobile office, enter data, or contribute however you like. We would love to have you.

Fill in the Volunteer Form on this page to hear about how you can get involved and receive invitations to local events. If you have a question or suggestion you can also contact us here

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