Baillieu Must Rule Out Public Housing Fire Sale

The Baillieu Government must rule out raising rents, selling stock or cutting funding from Victoria’s public housing following the release of the Auditor-General’s report into public housing, Shadow Housing Minister Richard Wynne said today.

Mr Wynne said since coming to office, Mr Baillieu had failed to invest in new public housing.

“Mr Baillieu has never shown any support for public housing,” Mr Wynne said.

“What I fear is that Mr Baillieu is going to use this report as an excuse to sell off stock.

“We all know Mr Baillieu is looking to sell off public assets to support an ailing State Budget.

“The State’s public housing stock is worth about $20 billion – rich pickings for someone who is looking for ways to raise money.

Mr Wynne said providing low-cost housing should be a key responsibility of Government.

“In stark contrast to the Baillieu Government’s 18 months in office, Labor has a proud record of supporting public housing tenants.

“Labor invested a record $500 million in Victorian public and social housing, the biggest single investment of this kind of any state in Australia,” he said.

“This investment, coupled with the investment from the Gillard Government, will deliver 6000 new units into the market by June this year.

“We will be watching the May budget closely to see if Mr Baillieu provides any funding to support the poorest in our community. To date they have failed.”