Housing Waiting List Shrinks, No Thanks To Baillieu

The latest Victorian Public Housing Waiting list data has shown a reduction in the number of people waiting for housing thanks to the federal Labor Government’s stimulus package, Shadow Housing Minister Richard Wynne said today.

The data, which details how many people are waiting for public housing during the three months to June 2012, shows nearly 1000 less people waiting than in the March quarter.

Mr Wynne said the reduction was due to the Federal Labor Government’s stimulus package investment of over $1 billion in public and social housing.

“This investment by the Gillard Government has seen over 6500 houses constructed, which has taken significant pressure off the system, but this investment has now finished,” Mr Wynne said.

“In contrast, the Baillieu Government’s lack of investment in public housing has placed further pressure on the waiting lists, and now that the Federal investment has come to an end, waiting lists can only grow.”

Mr Wynne said Housing Minister Wendy Lovell’s failure to support public housing was stacking up against her. She had:

  • Provided no new funding for building new housing since coming to office in 2010;
  • Failed to rule out selling off public housing;
  • Threatened to increase rents and install fixed term tenure; and
  • Cut frontline staff that support the most vulnerable people in our community.

 “Ms Lovell has done next to nothing when it comes to investing in new or improved public housing,” Mr Wynne said.

“She has ridden on the coat tails of the Federal Government for nearly 20 months, but her free ride has come to an end.”

Mr Wynne said Ms Lovell also had the dubious honour of releasing the data late on every single occasion since taking office.

“Yet again Ms Lovell tries to sneak out an important report late in the afternoon to avoid any scrutiny,” Mr Wynne said.

 “This cheap political trick will be of no comfort to the almost 37,000 people languishing on the waiting list.

 “This data was only released today because of pressure from the Opposition and the media.”