Housing Waiting Lists Grow Under Baillieu Government

The Baillieu Government has sought to avoid scrutiny yet again by sneaking out the latest public housing waiting list data late on a Friday afternoon, Shadow Minister for Housing Richard Wynne said today.

The waiting list for public housing across Victoria grew by 1.5 per cent in the September quarter.

Mr Wynne said the Baillieu Government had sought to avoid scrutiny again by releasing the public housing waiting lists late on a Friday afternoon.

“In almost 12 months, the Baillieu Government has done nothing to support Victorians who need public housing,” Mr Wynne said.

“Instead, the Minister for Housing Wendy Lovell has become a master at avoiding scrutiny and criticism by constantly releasing waiting list data on Friday afternoons.

“It’s no surprise that Ms Lovell is attempting to avoid scrutiny – today’s figures show the waiting has grown by more than 560 in just three months.”

“Ms Lovell calls this a ‘small rise’, showing how little understanding or empathy she has for families who are desperately waiting for housing.

“It’s no surprise that the list is growing given the Baillieu Government has provided no new funding for public or social housing.”

Mr Wynne said without any new funding, the list would only continue to grow.

“These figures are a damning indictment of the Minister’s handling of housing portfolio, and her sneaky attempt to avoid criticism is a damning indictment of her Government’s commitment to be open and accountable,” he said.

“The absolute disregard for her portfolio has never been so obvious, and now families searching for accommodation across Victoria are the ones paying the price.”

This latest figures adds to the growing list of Ms Lovell’s failings, which includes:

  • The release of a do-nothing homelessness ‘plan’ that failed to set out any plans for assisting young people experiencing homelessness, women and children escaping domestic violence, or people currently living in crisis accommodation;
  • The failure to provide any new funding for building or acquiring public and social housing in the 2011 State Budget;
  • The lowest targets for upgrading public housing and assisting families at risk of homelessness through the Transitional Housing Management (THM) program in a decade; and
  • A further blow out in the waiting times faced by families on the Early Housing Waiting List.

“Given this Minister’s record, it’s no surprise that the housing waiting list is blowing out or that Ms Lovell is trying to avoid any scrutiny,” Mr Wynne said.

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