Letter to ABC General Manager Mark Scott regarding Marngrook cancellation

Dear Mr Scott.

I write to express my grave concerns about the decision of ABC management to cut the popular Marngrook football show broadcast on ABC2.

As the previous Victorian Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and now the Shadow Minister I know just how popular this show is to many Aboriginal people in this state and indeed nationally.

This program is more than just a football show providing expert commentary on the game but also offers insights into the richness of Aboriginal culture and humour which if not for the program would be unknown to the broader community.

I note in your Reconciliation Action Plan that the ABC seeks to make a “proactive and long term commitment to improving opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people in four key areas, cultural understanding and respect, employment, content and community links”.

I could not point you to a better example than the Marngrook football show of achieving all four objectives.

I believe that the Charter of the ABC explicitly indicates a requirement to “reflect the cultural diversity of the Australian community” and in that context this regrettable decision by the ABC fails in this commitment.

I ask you to review this decision in light of the groundswell of community concern and your explicit commitment as detailed in your Reconciliation Action Plan.


Richard Wynne MP

State Member for Richmond

Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Closing the Gap