More People Waiting For Housing In The Grampians

New figures have revealed that more people in the Grampians region are waiting for public housing than three months ago.

Shadow Housing Minister Richard Wynne said the Minister for Housing, Wendy Lovell, needed to explain why 28 more people were waiting for housing across the Grampians region.

“Ms Lovell has achieved nothing in her first year managing Victoria’s public and social housing, and now 28 more families are desperately waiting for housing from Ballarat to Horsham,” Mr Wynne said.

The figures for the December quarter showed that there were 1294 people waiting for public housing in the Grampians region, up from 1266 in September.

Mr Wynne said it was clear investing in public housing wasn’t a priority for the Baillieu Government and people in need of housing across the Grampians were paying the price.

“While the Gillard Federal Government is delivering 6500 new units into Victoria through its stimulus package, this must be complimented by investment by the Baillieu Government,” he said.

Ms Lovell’s failures to support public housing tenants in Victoria include:

  • Upping the rent paid by 38,000 older public housing tenants after the Federal Government increased their pension cheques;
  • The release of a homelessness ‘plan’ that failed to set out any plans for assisting young people experiencing homelessness, women and children escaping domestic violence, or people currently living in crisis accommodation;
  • The failure to provide any new funding for building or acquiring public and social housing in the 2011 State Budget; and
  • Providing the lowest targets for upgrading public housing and assisting families at risk of homelessness.

“Ms Lovell must put public housing tenants first and secure significant funding in the May Budget,” Mr Wynne said.

“Unless there is investment in building and acquiring new housing stock, the housing waiting list will continue to grow.”

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