Sneaky Lovell Slides Out Waiting Lists To Avoid Scrutiny

The Baillieu Government has been caught out trying to avoid scrutiny by burying the release of the public housing waiting lists data for the June Quarter, Shadow Minister for Housing Richard Wynne said today.

“Yet again, the Minister for Housing Wendy Lovell has tried to sneak out the Public Housing Waiting list data late on a Friday afternoon,” Mr Wynne said.

“Ms Lovell knows by releasing information at this late stage on Friday that she won’t have to answer the tough questions about her lack of investment in public and social housing in Victoria.

“Ms Lovell is engaging in this cynical manipulation of public information because she is embarrassed by her failure to secure any capital funding in May’s State Budget.

“The latest waiting list data shows there has been another decrease in the waiting lists, which is good news for vulnerable families, but Ms Lovell knows this good news is because projects that were funded by Federal and State Labor Governments are now coming online.”

Mr Wynne said Ms Lovell had sat on waiting lists for more than a month, before choosing a day when it was least likely to gain any coverage.

“It says a lot about the Baillieu Government that they choose to release this data is when most Victorians are celebrating Cadel Evans’ triumphant return to Melbourne,” Mr Wynne said.

“This is a shameful effort by a Minister who is attempting to avoid scrutiny into her handling of the housing portfolio.

“Mr Baillieu promised Victorians he would run an open and accountable Government, but here we have Ms Lovell shamelessly attempting to hoodwink the public.

“If the Baillieu Government prioritises funding for a little used rail crossing in the safe seat of Brighton over investing in housing for marginalised Victorians, it’s no wonder Ms Lovell is desperately hiding in her ministerial office.”

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