Fishermans Bend Development

Ministers Statements: Fishermans Bend Development
20 October 2015
Legislative Assembly

Mr Wynne (Minister for Planning) — Today I am releasing the Fishermans Bend Advisory Committee — Report 1 on the Metropolitan Planning Authority’s web page.

Honourable members interjecting.

Mr WYNNE — The Leader of the Opposition rezoned overnight Australia’s most significant urban renewal area, Fishermans Bend. The report I am releasing is 72 pages of new information that shows planning experts and community members found the decision to rezone 250 hectares of land overnight misguided and damaging. The report notes that there is no precedent for this kind of action anywhere in the developed world.

The now opposition leader was told there needed to be a plan for schools, a plan for public transport and a plan for public open space, which he ignored. What does this mean for Victoria? The landowners and developers who owned property in Fishermans Bend had a windfall. Land values in some precincts quadrupled, but that means the cost for the Victorian taxpayer to provide services and infrastructure has surged. The only transport plan the now opposition leader oversaw was a vague dot on a map where a railway station — —

Honourable members interjecting.

Mr Clark — On a point of order, Speaker, I draw your attention to sessional order 7, which requires ministers to make statements about new government initiatives, projects and achievements. The minister now has just 34 seconds remaining to complete his statement. He has not even begun to address government initiatives, projects or achievements. I ask you to bring him back to compliance with the sessional order.

Ms Allan — On the point of order, Speaker, I urge you to reject the point of order of the manager of opposition business because clearly the Minister for Planning was outlining significant new work that he is undertaking in cleaning up the mess that is Fishermans Bend that was left to us by the failed former planning minister.

The SPEAKER — Order! I do not uphold the point of order.

Mr WYNNE — Fishermans Bend was described to me by a prominent private sector planner as the Wild West. Only a Labor government can be trusted to invest in services that benefit all Victorians. Only a Labor government will provide equitable access to education, transport, health and community services. We are committed to fixing up the mess that was left for us by the previous government, and that is what an Andrews Labor government will do.

Honourable members interjecting.

The SPEAKER — Order! The member for Carrum is warned. I will not have members of the government producing exhibits. Should they do it again, I will have them removed from the house, and that includes removing the members as well.