Ministers Statements: Plan Melbourne

22 October 2015
Legislative Assembly

Mr WYNNE (Minister for Planning) — Today I launched the upgrade of Plan Melbourne, the overarching, long-term strategic plan for our great city and state. I did something out of school with Plan Melbourne; I did not scrap the previous government’s document. And why would I, when there were 450 submissions and more than 10 000 Victorians had input? But it needed a serious update. The previous planning minister disregarded the original draft document, the vision, expert advice and public input. The now opposition leader took a similar approach to the one he took to his botched Fishermans Bend rezoning. He made brash, snap decisions, leaving the community out of — —

Mr Clark — On a point of order, Speaker, the minister is now engaging in debate. I ask you to bring him back to compliance with sessional order 7.

Ms Allan — On the point of order, Speaker, I ask that you rule the point of order out of order. The minister was quite clearly outlining the new government initiative that he announced today regarding Plan Melbourne and to do so he had to put it into a very relevant context. Those opposite might not like to hear about the failure of the former planning minister but it is entirely relevant to the minister’s statement to the house.

The SPEAKER — Order! The minister will continue. He is entitled to provide a context, and I am sure he will come back to making a statement once he has finished providing that context.

Mr WYNNE — I have released a discussion paper and report to bring back the public’s voice. Labor’s Plan Melbourne update will address climate change — because we believe in it — and housing affordability, which were left out of the former Liberal government’s version. The updated plan will reflect the Andrews Labor government’s commitment to level crossing removal and the city-shaping Melbourne Metro rail project. The failed east–west link has been deleted.

Plan Melbourne will provide future governments with a vision. By 2051, Melbourne’s population will be approaching 8 million people. Smart planning is vital to maintain and enhance the city’s livability and economic strengths. Planning is about people, and the community was ignored in the Liberal’s version of Plan Melbourne. Only the Labor government is prepared to tackle housing affordability and climate change. Only the Labor government is ready to meet the responsibilities we have to all Victorians. A livable city is a planned city. A livable state is a planned state.