Planning: Questions On Notice – Fishermans Bend

18 August 2015
Legislative Council
Questions on notice

MR DAVIS — To ask the Special Minister of State (for the Minister for Planning): in relation to the review of Fishermans Bend planning scheme and controls:

(1) When is the estimated date of completion.

(2) What is the cost to undertake the review.

(3) Who is undertaking the review.

(4) Will the report from the review be made public.


I am informed that:

The Government has identified a comprehensive strategic planning program to ensure that Fishermans Bend will deliver best practice urban design renewal process and local engagement in the planning of the distinct neighbourhoods that make up this major inner urban renewal area.

To deliver on this commitment, a comprehensive review of the neighbourhood precincts will be undertaken and new governance arrangements will be put in place to coordinate the delivery of the major transport, community infrastructure open space, environment and water plans that will be developed.

The development of a comprehensive set of strategic plans will ensure confidence across all stakeholders (including investors, the development industry and the community) that that area will be developed with a long term vision and will not be subject to ad hoc development proposals.

(1) It is estimated that the development (and completion) of the suite of plans will be completed by the second half of 2016.

(2) and

(3) The Metropolitan Planning Authority, as the identified key strategic planning body for the project, will deliver the plans in a timely and cost efficient manner. It is the clear role of government to develop and implement appropriate planning controls that support strong future investment in jobs and growth. Importantly, these will be delivered in close consultation with the Cities of Melbourne and Port Phillip, relevant stakeholders and the local community.

(4) Following completion of the planning documentation and reports, all relevant details will be made available to the public.