Planning: Questions On Notice – Building Amendment (Private Bushfire Shelter Construction)

4 August 2015
Legislative Council
Questions on notice

MS DUNN — To ask the Special Minister of State (for the Minister for Planning): In relation to the Building Amendment (Private Bushfire Shelter Construction) Interim Regulations 2009 how many applications for permits under the Regulations have been —

(a) received;

(b) granted.


I am informed that, as at the date the question was raised:

It is not possible to report on the number of building permit applications received, as these are submitted to individual building surveyors who are not obliged to report such information to the Victorian Building Authority.

Information regarding building permit transactions under the as the Building Act 1993 and Building Regulations 2006 must be kept by each relevant building surveyor, who is required to report to the Victorian Building Authority on matters such as payment of levies and the issuing of permits.

Regulation 322 requires that, within seven days after the end of each month, building surveyors must provide the Victorian Building Authority with details of building permits issued during that month.

Based on information from the Victorian Building Authority database of building levy returns, 112 building permits have been granted in relation to private bushfire shelters. These permits were granted during the period between September 2010 and 12 May 2015.