Reach Foundation

I recently met with Sarah Davies, CEO of the Reach Foundation, based in my electorate in Wellington Street, Collingwood. As I am sure many members of the house will know, Reach is an organisation dedicated to ensuring that young people are capable of meeting life’s challenges.

Reach is the wonderful legacy of the great Jim Stynes, who was the founder and the life force behind the Reach Foundation from its very inception. After his football career he did a marvellous job in taking the Reach Foundation from being an idea and an aspiration he had to it making a splendid contribution to community life. It has become an extraordinary organisation doing marvellous work with young people, particularly vulnerable young people and young people who have been disconnected from school and often from their family situation.

Through youth-led workshops for young people between the ages of 10 and 18, Reach aims to increase the wellbeing of young people. I know, from having visited the organisation, that it does absolutely marvellous work in supporting young people at particularly vulnerable times. Sarah Davies is a fantastic CEO for the Reach Foundation.

I commend its important work in supporting young people in this state.