Sacred Heart School, Fitzroy

I was delighted to join the staff and students of Sacred Heart School in my electorate last Friday for a whole-of-school performance of a circus act. The theme of this production was ‘working together’, and may I say this encapsulates the ethos of this wonderful school, Sacred Heart primary school.

The school is located adjacent to the public housing estate at Atherton Gardens in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, and in many respects it epitomises and reflects the rich cultural diversity of the residents of the Atherton Gardens public housing estate. This area has been a stepping-off point for successive waves of migrant communities that have come to Australia, and the student population at Sacred Heart very much reflects the emerging communities that have made Atherton Gardens their home.

This was a fantastic whole-of-school production. All of the students were involved, and it really was a wonderful display of everything that is great about that public housing estate and the residents who live there. I particularly want to congratulate the principal, Mary Lawrey, who is a fantastic principal of that school and a great leader of those students, and all of her staff, who made a huge effort to put this production together.